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The Daily Pip is a lifestyle pet blog providing resources, support, and humor for rescue families. I encourage and advocate for rescue and adoption especially for animals with special needs: senior pets, those with chronic medical issues, behavioral or temperament concerns as well as misunderstood breeds like Pit bulls and black cats. Special needs adoption is one of my great passions and raising awareness and compassion for these animals is at the heart of this blog. 

All of my animals have been rescues, many of them seniors with special needs. They have arrived with baggage, but somehow we always figure things out together. Like Ruby and Pip and Daisy (and the list goes on), they have all been beautifully imperfect in their own unique ways and for that, I'm eternally grateful.

My love of all things furry has been the one constant in my life and I have been rescuing animals ever since I can remember. Maybe it was because I was a shy kid in a wildly eccentric family who moved and changed schools frequently, but I could always be found by myself reading with a dog or cat (sometimes a cow or pig) by my side. Same goes for now, only instead of reading, I am blogging.

Likes: Animals (ALL of them), traveling (almost anywhere), art supplies, black boots, the ocean, New York and Rome, espresso, anything made from potatoes, spending time with my family, stirring the pot and occasionally causing some trouble, making people laugh, photographing animals, creating funny stories and virtual adventures for my pets.

Dislikes: Public speaking, sleeping late, schedules and boring routines, being practical, feeling trapped or bored, human cruelty, intolerance, and indifference to the suffering of others especially children and animals.

Ruby was removed from her former home because of severe neglect. While at Chicago's Animal Care and Control facility, she and several other dogs from the same location joined Safe Humane Chicago's Court Case Dog Program. Once her case was settled, she was transferred to a foster home and we adopted her several months later. 

Likes: Cats, cuddling, long walks, playing fetch with her stuffies, dancing for treats, sharing a sunny window with Rosie, grilled-cheese sandwich crusts, and hanging out with us on the couch.

Dislikes: Being home alone, feeling left out, raised voices, dominant dogs, new situations, and walking in rain or snow.

Rosie wandered into our backyard in July 2009. Only nine or ten months old, she already had multiple battle scars from her brief life on the streets and frostbite on both ears. In spite of her rough start, Rosie was not shy or feral. Basically, we opened the back door and in she walked, quickly assuming her natural leadership position in the household.

Likes: Food, sunny windows, food, photo-bombing Ruby, food, being bossy, food, boxing for treats.

Dislikes: Portion control, following instructions, having her nails trimmed, keeping her eyes open during photos.

Lulu is a former classroom bunny. She refused to play nice with the kids and was abandoned at the end of the school year.

Likes: hay, cilantro, basil, red leaf lettuce, parsley, bananas, chewing on paper plates while watching reality TV and Disney movies.

Dislikes: changes in routine, loud voices, over-active children, being picked up, people messing with her stuff or invading her space. 

 The Daily Pip is dedicated to my heart dog, Pip, who passed away in October 2013. 



  1. Wow. Your gang all have wonderful stories. I look to following your adventures.

  2. What a wonderful pack you have there. Muffin is also anxious around dogs and has lots of that terrier indepence! Ruby sounds lovely x

  3. It's nice to meet you and read about your journey. We have lots in common! Z-Girl from Squeedunk Cats.

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    1. Hi there--I just happened upon your blog via another's where you commented on grooming at Pet Smart (Pierre, the Scottie), and I could NOT RESIST saying 'hello' to another dog lover AND another PIP!! :D My Pip is an 11 y/o fawn & cream colored CKC Chihuahua I adopted 11 years ago this New Year's Eve. He's an only "child," and his name suited him perfectly when he picked me to adopt. :-) I'm SO HAPPY to see there was another little Pip-ster in the world--they are a chosen few! I'm so sorry for your loss... I don't know what I'd do without my Pip, so I just keep telling him he has to live FOREVER! And although my Pip is named after the character in Great Expectations, I sometimes tell inquisitive people that he used to sing backup for Gladys Knight! ;-) LoL. (Hope you know that reference or will look it up so I don't feel SO old!)
      Waves & wags, Shanna Banana & Pip

  5. I think you and my Mom are kindred spirits, with many similarities in personality, interests and compassion for all animals. Both me and my dog sisfur are shelter pets, and the kitty before us was as well. As you know, shelter pets can make some of the best companions if more peeps just open
    up their hearts as you do.

    I hope Rosie & I can become good chat noir pals! I would love to have a bunny like your Lulu. Maybe I'll get one for Easter. That would be pawsome! So nice to read your blog! Mew Mew!"

  6. Hello there! Congratulations on being selected as a 2017 BlogPaws Nose-to-Nose finalist. You have such a sweet fur-family. I'm going to enjoy reading your blog. Wishing you many more blogging successes in the future!

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