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Friday, October 13, 2017

Top 15 Reasons To Adopt A Shelter Dog

October is Adopt-A-Shelter-Dog Month and in celebration of all things canine, here are 15 reasons to adopt a dog today.

This post is universally approved by rescue dogs everywhere (for real).

Rescue a pitbull in honor of Adopt A Shelter Dog Month

Top 15 Reasons To Adopt A Shelter Dog Today 

1. Dogs make great team players. Even when there is no team.

2. Dogs never judge. Especially on those days when you stay in your pajamas, watch bad TV, and eat chips all day (as long as you share).

3. Dogs are always happy to see you. Whether you are gone a month or five minutes, your dog will be there waiting, tail wagging, going bonkers when you return. 

Rescue and adopt an abandoned dog in honor of Adopt A Shelter Dog Month
4. Dogs are cheaper than therapists. Dogs naturally ease depression, reduce anxiety, and improve self-esteem - even when they struggle with these issues themselves.

5. Dogs are peacemakers. Almost always willing to break bread or share the couch with their natural rivals (cats).

6. Dogs offer an alternative energy source. Naturally brightening and warming your day without batteries, electricity or re-charging.

Rescue and adopt puppy mill survivors in honor of Adopt A Shelter Dog Month

7. Dogs are like Buddhists. Dogs live in the moment and find beauty in all things (even smelly dead things).

8. Dogs are natural healers. No need for medical school; dogs reduce stress, improve heart health, strengthen immunity and some studies suggest, prevent allergies.

9. Dogs are complicated, but in a good way. Afraid of small things, but brave when it matters most.

Rescue and adopt a deaf great dane in honor of Adopt A Shelter Dog Month
10. Dogs are overachievers. And when left alone, they may go searching for DIY projects on Pinterest like "5 Ways To Tip Over The Garbage Can Without Making A Mess"

11. Dogs always root for the underdog. Dogs make wonderful, supportive companions for those with physical or emotional challenges as well as seniors and children with learning issues.

12. Dogs believe in happily ever after. They will never leave you. Never EVER.

Adopt an older dog with health issues in honor of Adopt A Shelter Dog Month
13. Dogs think you are a rock star. No matter how the rest of the world sees you in your dog's eyes you are the coolest person ever.

14. Dogs always do the right thing. Aside from the occasional distraction (see Pinterest warning above), dogs represent our very best selves. They are never cruel, dishonest or judgmental. Always grateful, kind, loyal, brave, and genuinely want to make things better.

Rescue and adopt a senior dog for Adopt A Shelter Dog Month

15. Dogs never give up. There are thousands of dogs refusing to give up in shelters around the country RIGHT NOW. Don't let them down. Please consider adopting one (or more if you are super special) rescue dogs today.

Bonus Point: Do rescue dogs have issues? Sometimes, but so what. You probably do, too (we all do).

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October is Adopt A Shelter Dog Month



  1. I agree we all have something we have to struggle with... and I hope this month ends with a lot of furever homes...

  2. Hari OM
    wonderfurs list and OMD... I's in luuurrrvvv with Lottie... hope they all find their furever homes furry furry soon! Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  3. That is the perfect list and it's all true!

  4. Nothing wrong with shelter dogs! Mom loved her first dog who was a shelter dog, a big 100 lb black dog actually! It just has to be the right thing at the time. Mom says it is like kids, there are so many children who need homes but people still choose to have their own instead. There is a right time to adopt and if that time is right, Mom would adopt again, but it is not in our plan at this time. We do adopt shelter cats, though.

  5. Those are many of the reasons our pawrents adopted us. Rescues Rock!

  6. That is a great without a dog is not a life worth living.

  7. Those are all so very true. I so miss having a dog but with the population of the cats here, there just isn't any way to fit a dog into the mix. But a dog is just the best companion there ever will be.

  8. Absolutely, shelter dogs are the best, best, best!

  9. Oh my yes indeed adopt a shelter dog ASAP. One of our local shelters took in about 50 dogs from a shelter in Puerto Rico.
    Hugs madi and mom

  10. Pawsome list ! Pets are the best family members ! Purrs

  11. Thank you. *tears* It is so very, very true. Hugs.

  12. What a great post with some great reasons to adopt a shelter dog!

  13. Though SHE has always loved scotties which are rare and expensive here in Oz so all the scotties were planned. Roxy and many of the dogs we play with at the river were shelter dogs and they, after getting over a few teething problems are wonderful animals.

  14. Adopt, don't shop!
    The Hubby and I have already agreed that when we get a dog, we'll adopt one.

  15. What great reasons to adopt a shelter dog
    Hazel & Mabel

  16. I love your photo collage of those beautiful dogs! These are all fabulous reasons but my faves are #6 & 10, LOL! They're so clever.
    Love & biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

  17. Those are all great reasons and I am sure you could add 1,000 more

  18. These are all terrific reasons to adopt a shelter dog!

  19. You are so right. Those are fantastic reasons to adopt a shelter dog! They rock!

  20. The shelter dogs that we adopted over the years have just been the best dogs! Of last three have come from Rescue. These are all great reasons to consider adopting a shelter dog. is the owner with the problem...not the dog!

  21. Great list! Some of these same things can be said for cats too. Dogs are awesome . It's no wonder they get the title "Mans best friend".

  22. I love your list, and number 10 made me giggle. I would love to see that pin! Shelter pets are the best! They just need some understanding and patience. It took Lexy several months to settle in but now she rules the roost.

  23. How inspiring. What a great top 15 for adopting a shelter dog. My cat was a stray and he gives way more in return than I could have ever imagined.

  24. I never rescued from a shelter but I picked up our dog on the side of the road. She was just laying in the ditch full of fleas and ticks. Skin and bones. And she is the best dog with our daughters. Rescues are definitely the best!

  25. LOVE this post. I can't decide which is my favourite reason - good thing I don't have to! I wouldn't trade my four rescues for the world.

  26. A pet gives us a reason to get up in the am if we feel low. Get up and kick some ass into that day with your own shelter dog! (looks over shoulder) Or CAT ;-)

    People need a reason to adopt a shelter dog? I can't believe so many don't * shakes head *

  27. This is perfect! We definitely have just as many issues, if not more, than most rescue dogs I know! lol I love the "alternative energy source" one... too perfect :)

  28. This is a wonderful list.... I love it that you are rescuing two pets -- the one you adopt and one you make space for. ~ Dear Mishu

  29. All of those are great reasons to adopt a dog! Rescue dogs make amazing companions.

  30. Mr. N says to add you'll never be alone again! He is also literally a peacemaker. If he thinks people are arguing, he'll interject himself in the middle and tap you with his paw and look at you accusingly.

  31. All amazing reasons to rescue a dog today. I cannot imagine my life without Gonzo and Beau. They have brought so much joy!

  32. Only Shelter dogs in my house, they need homes and parents to look after them. No breeder will even get a penny from me.

  33. There are lot of advantages to adopting. Cookie is an absolute doll. We made up our mind we'll only adopt from now on.

  34. Such a good reminder about adopted dogs. Dolly is for sure all of those things and even more. i need to do something about this too. Sandra and Dolly

  35. Shelter dogs truly are some of the best around. Not only are you saving a life, but they truly have even more love to give because of how appreciative they are!! - Shelby G.

  36. I grew up with dogs and loved them. I still enjoy being with family's dogs.


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