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Friday, April 21, 2017

Fur-Busting Tips For Multi-Pet Homes

Ruby doesn't shed, but occasionally likes to pretend she's invisible
Ruby doesn't shed but she likes to help by sometimes pretending she's invisible
We are a multi-species household (AKA Furry Vortex): two cats, a dog, and a rabbit - all rescues, all  extremely furry. At home, I'm totally OK being covered in fur. I call it the "well-loved" look and wouldn't have it any other way. Quite simply, fur happens. But alas, sometimes I must leave the house and participate in real world activities and I need to be fur free. Here are my favorite tips for keeping your clothing fur free (almost) while living in a multi-pet household. You can read additional fur-busting tips and hacks here.

Fur-busting hack #1 - Wearing black helps disguise pet fur
Rosie sleeping on my work clothes

Fur-Busting Hack #1 - Dress Like Your Pet 

I prefer dark colors and as luck would have it, my cats and rabbit are mostly black. Not only is black slimming (so say the magazines) but it also hides most fur except for orange and white (see next section). Rosie can nap on my work clothes and no one will ever know.

My previous cat was white and pretty much shed more in one day than most cats do in a lifetime. However, I was working at a shelter at the time where it was socially acceptable to be covered in fur 24/7 - a good thing because I look terrible in white. Ruby is also light-colored but fortunately she doesn't shed.

Going forward I will probably stick with black cats. Mostly because black cats have trouble finding homes, but I also already have the matching wardrobe. Of course, if a white cat showed up at my door and cried "save me," I would happily readjust my fur-busting strategy and possibly switch to prints.

Fur-Busting Hack 2 - Print fabrics help disguise pet fur
Rosie digs prints

Fur-Busting Hack #2 - Prints Are Your Friends 

If you have light-colored pets (white, orange, calico, etc.), incorporate prints into your wardrobe. The right print can do wonders for making fur less visible. Prints are especially good for hiding white and orange fur. Remember to keep the prints simple and only wear one at a time. Otherwise you might be mistaken for a Christmas tree and potentially frighten your pets and children. 

Wearing black is a great way to hide black fur
Hugs are always encouraged especially when you are dressed like your cat

Fur-Busting Hack #3 - Dress At The Last Minute 

Don't get dressed until you are absolutely ready to walk out the door. Give kisses and treats BEFORE getting dressed. Once you get dressed, leave immediately and do not look back. Your fur-kids will look sad, they may even shake, but do not cave. Rescue pets have perfected the "don't leave me" look that makes us run back for one more hug and a little more fur.
Bunny fur is more challenging to disguise and may require dressing in the backyard
Bunny hugs are fun but risky regardless of what color you are wearing

Fur-Busting Hack #4 - Bunny Fur Is Hard

Rabbits are extra tricky and may require that you dress in the garage or backyard. Their fur is soft and sticks to everything like glue. There's some kind of super magnetic force that sucks the fur off the bunny and onto whatever you happen to be wearing. The bunny furry vortex is real and there's no fighting it.

Fur-Busting Hack #5 - Just Own It

You can vacuum everyday (I used to do this) but there will always be some fur on the couch, throw pillows and rug. Likewise, you could hire an assistant to follow you around with a lint brush, but there will always be a little fur (or a lot) on your coat or sweater.  A little fur never hurt anyone and truthfully, I don't care all that much. I love my pets way more than anyone who would judge me for a little fur on my sweater. Do your best, love your pets, and forget the rest.

Want to learn more fur-busting tips? Check out my original fur-busting post here.



  1. I'm honest, I sometimes wear an apron in the car like a granny LOL... but it helps not much :O)

  2. We long ago learned to just deal with it, fur happens. At least it does if you choose to share your life with four footed critters!

  3. I'm not ashamed ... I'm always covered in fur ... I even breathe fur ... and I can't remember what food tastes like WITHOUT fur in it. Bear has the racing stripe of black down his back ... but the rest of his fur is 7 shades of black, brown, gray, white on EACH STRAND. It's impossible to wear something where it won't be obvious. After Bear had a really tough shedding season last year (TONS of hairballs) - I got a Furminator this year - and it seems to help better than the slicker brushes I used to use.

  4. Ha, ha, I have done the dress like my pet multiple times!!! Now that I have one light colored pet and one dark colored one it is harder! Gotta learn to love prints...

  5. Hari Om
    Oh my, this takes me back... I rather miss life without fur!!! YAM xx

  6. Yup there is always fur around here and all over my clothes but I just learn to live with it. But some really good ideas about what to wear.

  7. Claire says that fur on clothes is her purrsonal glam touch, MOL ! Purrs

  8. Mum says that me being a TRI coloured pup, means that I have the pawfect colour to shed over whatever she's wearing….and I of course oblige, not wanting to prove her wrong!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  9. Wearing black and having black scotties has never been a problem, but adding a white dog that sheds constantly with fur that embeds itself in everything. SHE's learnt to live with it. The last minute dressing is a good idea. Otherwise, SHE's content to think, at least the fur is's been through the washing machine...BOL!

  10. I just started carrying lint rollers everywhere I go and telling everyone that all of my clothing is Mohair ;-) I love these hacks and your original fur-busting post is one of my favorites of all time!

  11. guyz....we just posted R commint on de wrong post we think we waz crackin up at de other one !!!! rosie.....itz grate two see ewe R gorgeouz houz panther gal pal, we hope ewe iz doin sooooooooper mega grate .......ya knead ta post mor often ya noe !!!! stay in TRUBULL & heerz two a grate week oh end ☺☺♥♥

  12. As you can well imagine, fur is omnipresent in our house, well, at least on the first floor. That is the main reason we never get to go to the humans' bedrooms or sleep in their beds. Mom wears a lot of black pants and she says hey, the fur is just part of the wardrobe:)

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  13. I have hair rollers in my gym bag, my car, my desk :)

  14. Oh yea, the peeps own it, lots of it!

  15. These are some great ideas. I just don't know who wouldn't be happy wearing fur everyday.

  16. We have a sign when you walk in our door that says
    Warning - House infested with dog hair!
    When we picked out new carpet we brought samples home to see which hid the pug hair the best!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  17. We dogs don't shed much, but the kitties sure do!

  18. You tell it like it is. I wear cat hair almost all the time, and black is one of my favorites. I have 2 black cats, a siamese, a orange coon, and a grey and white tabby, so I go in multi-color.

  19. Oh Ruby this is hilarious. Mom has given up on keeping my furs off her clothes(she is retired) but the problem remains...we have cherry furniture in several rooms and I purrsonally think it looks lovely with a coat of white furs...Mom not so much
    Hugs madi your bfff

  20. Haha! I decided long ago to just own it! If someone wants to say something about it go ahead, I'm just wearing my passion for all to see!

  21. Great tips! I have a Husky so she sheds about 50 times more than other dogs, LOL! I also find that wearing jeans is helpful, somehow her fur doesn't stick to it as much, or at least it doesn't show if it is sticking!

  22. It is definitely challenging when you have a dog that is black and white! Poor Luke, if I leave the house for a special occasion, I will only kiss hugs (I don't worry quite as much when just going to work).
    Black is my favorite color to wear (Uh, looks best on me), so I'd be cool with all black animals! But we don't consider fashion when choosing we just deal with whatever we have. :)

  23. "Just own it." Awesome. :)

    "Dress Like You Pet" made us laugh. Smart us used to have two black cats and a mostly white one. Lint rollers were our best friends.

  24. These are great tips! Though I do own my fair share of lint rollers, I can be pretty lazy, so that's probably why I most often just own it and let anyone who doesn't like pet hair steer clear of me.

  25. Of course my fur busting tip would be to get a non- or almost non-shedding dog. A WFT perhaps? Oh and if that fails, Gail suggests wearing an apron or other overall in the house. (SO uncool it's embarrassing).
    Toodle pip!

  26. Oh yes, finding the right colour is the key! :) :)

    Momo, Pinot & mom

  27. Depending on what she's wearing, our mom gets dressed right before she leaves. We're waiting for the day when she goes to work in her pajammas! MOL Her weekend job's uniform is all black - that makes it interesting! Lexy has a lot of white fur and so do I.

  28. OMG I love the dress outside! I just take the fur everwhere :) I just own it and try to dress at the last minute. We cover every single color and texture here. Love seeing Rosie and your bunnie I just love Rosie :)

  29. MOL! These are tips every furry pet parent should know. And I love seeing Rosie on the blog!


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