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Monday, February 22, 2016

Please Help Driver - UPDATED

I'm taking a break from The Specials this week to give an update on Driver, the cat lured to a back porch and then scalded with boiling hot water. A video of his torture was also later posted on Facebook. Fortunately, the perpetrator has been arrested and Driver is now safe and being treated by Felines and Canines, a local shelter here in Chicago.

You can follow Driver's recovery on their Facebook page. He remains hospitalized and is receiving pain medication, antibiotics, fluids and laser therapy. Remarkably, Driver's spirits are high and he remains affectionate and loving. You can also see a local newscast video of Driver here.

Driver has a long road ahead of him and his treatment will be intense. Once he is fully recovered Felines and Canines will find him a wonderful home. Please consider making a donation to help with his recovery and care.  All donations are appreciated!

(Photo courtesy of Felines & Canines)

Unfortunately, a few of the perpetrator's friends have threatened other cats in the area to avenge his arrest. Grand Crossing is an economically challenged, extremely complex neighborhood. There are hundreds of stray cats in the area, some friendly and many feral. Although the cats are now at risk from a few twisted individuals, there are caretakers and others in the neighborhood who care about them.

Treehouse Humane Society has been out actively trapping friendly cats in the Grand Crossing area. As a result, they are seeking donations and foster homes to help with this sudden influx of cats. Many of the rescued Grand Crossing cats are sick and injured. You can follow the story and make a donation to help with the rescue efforts here. 

One of the newly rescued Grand Crossing Cats (photo courtesy of Treehouse Humane Society)

Kind and compassionate folks from around the world are following the story of Driver and the other Grand Crossing cats by sending emotional and financial support. Please join them and help in any way you can - all donations are appreciated!

The Specials will be back next Monday. In the meantime, please check out past posts on adopting a wobbly cat and adopting an abused cat.

Comments are off. Please consider making a donation to help Driver and the other Grand Crossing Cats. 

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