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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Singing in the Rain

I am singing in the rain 
(You want me to do what?)

Just singing in the rain
(Getting wet is not in my job description)

What a glorious feeling
(save me)

I am happy again
(my paws are stinkin' cold)

Just singing in the rain
(would it kill these people to mow the lawn)

Enough of the musical sideshow, lady, let me inside!


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  2. Pip, if I hads known I would has sold you my very last Puddles Pro 1000 then you wouldn't has to go out side in da POURIN" rain to pee...I mean do your bidness. And since me and you be tight, I would has given you a discount.


  3. Also, I not knows if ya'll watch da Voice on da tube but your singin' reminded me dat they hads a contestant on theres and his name was Pip...I kid you not. But him not da real Pip...cuz you is da real Pip.

    Maybe you should tries out fur one of them talet shows withs your luverly singin' abilities.


  4. MOL MOL MOL Pip you absolutely need to stand on some dry ground and state your case. BUTT my sweet friend your voice is in purrfect pitch. Mom got a chuckle out of the 2nd picture.
    She told me way back when they had their Doxie Toto it took him nearly 18 months to learn to lift his leg to tinkle. Mom thought she was going to have to enroll him in 'tinkle class!!
    Give your Mom a high five for such an adorable post.
    Hugs from your BFFF,

  5. Oh pip... poor you... its a hard knock life... for... you...

  6. Mission Accomplished !!!

    I truly DO think you should get one of those Puddles Pro 1000.

  7. We are guessing rain is not your favorite Pip. :)

    the brown dawgs

  8. Pip you are so funny!
    Best wishes Molly

  9. Pip, you could have caught pneumonia! What were your crazy humans thinking, sending you out in the rain and tall grass? You didn't even have a rain coat on! Good grief!


  10. Is it me or me eyes playing them tricks on me... Have u developed a 3rd eye between both your usual normal eyesssss.... Spoooooookieeee.... *insert spool kidded moooozik*

    What yous doin in the rain... U have them arthritis rights? Love them pictures n them singing btw.... You could even be casted in Smash beside Katherine Phee Phee :)

  11. Oh I LOVE walking in the rain! I hope they didn't leave you out there too long though!


  12. Pip, my furriend, rain is a pain, there's no doubt about it and all the Broadway melodies and songs about skipping and dancing in it are not going to change what it does to our fur and paws :) xx

    Thanks, pal, for the kind words when we lost Trapper. We really appreciate your coming by to comfort us.

    We love you, Pip!!

    Tom, Mom Julie, Tinker, Angel Trapper, Anastasia & Mitty

  13. Oh Pip! Rain is WONDERFUL!!! PLAYFUL!! I like to sit and let the cool breeze blow through my fur too. I would gladly swap places with you!

  14. What a great musical Pip! I think that is going to be a hit!

  15. Oh now that will be stuck in my head all day. "Peein' in the Rain Just Peein' in the rain What a glorious feelin' I relieved again."
    PIP if you can't get Puddles Pro 1000 do what I do, I make MOM hold an umbrella over my head. Yep I do.

  16. Butt, Pip, did you do your business? Or was you too busy singing and forgot?

    Sam and Pippen

  17. Rain is not my thing either, Pip - nor are baths!

    Tail Wuggles, Rubie

  18. BOL, Pip!! Bart just went out IN the RAIN to pee. He'll be rushin' back in her crying like a little girlie dog when he gets HIS paws wet!!


  19. Hope you got a nice soft toweling off and a snuggle after.

  20. We hopes you got your "business" done in a hurry, sweet Pip! Nobody likes wet paws. Did Mommy meet you wif a nice floofy towel?

  21. My solution to the rain problem do be to plant my paws and not go outside at all. I can hold it, thank you.

  22. Let's get to the underbelly of this situation (which I am assuming is pretty soggy) the answer is easy Mr Pip - you need a personal butler that will stand over you with an umbrella and hold you up off the grass while you tinkle

  23. Pip you are so cute (and funny)!

  24. Just look at all dat nice green grass you gets to pee in. And tell your peeps to get you a rain coat and umbrella...and boots!

  25. I'm with Shawnee! My mom thinks I should go out in the rain, but I say no, thank you and stay on the couch. My silly sissy goes out in the rain, but she can't hold it as well as me 'cause she's an old lady. Poor thing.

  26. Pip - you and Phantom agree for sure when it comes to the rain - JUST LET ME IN!!! The rest of us love to be out in the rain:)

    Cute pics.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  27. Oh Pip it is clear you are not a Scottish terrier.
    Toodle pip!

  28. oh Pip! That looks soooooo miserable! (MOL!) And your human is soooo insensitive to be making fun of you like that... (MOL! MOL!) Who us, laff at you? NEVAH.

  29. Rain is the worst

    Stop on by for a visit

  30. I sure hope you got some lovin' and treats after being sent out onto the cold, wet "unmowed" lawn! LOL!

  31. I hope it was more fun than it looked Pip!

  32. You mean she wouldn't even carry an umbrella for you? Our Mom used to do that for Monty because he refused to go outside in the rain. The rest of us love to get wet.
    Morgan and the Porties

  33. lol pip!
    are your toes green from the grass?


  34. Gene Kelly, eat your heart out!
    The things we have to put up with for these humans - it's inhumane!
    Dip Bridge and Elliot x

  35. Hey Pip!
    Wow, you definitely need an awning or a nice tent to use on rainy days. Me, I just stand and let myself get all wet. My long legs keep my belly outa the wet! BOL.
    BTW: My Mom has that song stuck in her head now...BWAR HAR HAR
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  36. I hate rain, maybe I should start singing, it might stop! I hope you got dryed off by mom
    Have a good week
    See Yea George xxx

  37. Olá amigo Pip...
    Lindas suas fotos.
    Voce é tão fofinho.. Acho voce lindo e querido. amo te visitar aqui no seu blog.
    Voce está bem??
    Comigo tudo bem, e passei para dar oi a voce.
    Fica com Papai do Céu,
    Aus 1000 e Beijos 1000 com amor das amiguinhas...


  38. Thanks for putting a smile on my face, you have to suffer for your art!

    urban hounds

  39. Pip!
    Yous needs a litter box!

  40. Pip, you need a nice rain coat with matching booties for those spring time rain dances!

  41. Your human should stand out there with an umbrella over you, Pip!

  42. Worst. Musical. Ever. WHY would anybuddy sing in the rain? I mean...the rain might melt all your brindle furs right off and THEN where would you be...huh?


    Wiggles & Wags,

  43. BOL BOL BOL how DARE you humans?
    Dachshund Nola

  44. Not funny, right?
    I hope you went back inside your home after that!
    Happy Wednesday to all of you!
    Kisses and hugs

  45. Hey Mr. Pipski!

    Next time your parents move get them to head for the Desert, AZ or the like . Don't get too much rain there at all, and then have sand for your yard. Although sand between your toesies could be annoying. Maybe just have Mom pick you up a pair of boots!

    Cheers and hugs,

    Jo, Stella, Zkhat and RM

  46. Hi Pippy
    Your furs must be so soft after strolling around in those rain drops!
    I agree that you need some boots and maybe an umbrella!

  47. This rain better get a move on
    Benny & Lily

  48. We will do just about anything to avoid going out in the rain.

    Just about ANYTHING. Shhhhhhhh.
    xoxo Chloe and LadyBug

  49. Put your paw down mate, it's shameful to treat you that way! Deccy x

  50. Ha ha Pip, you are so cute. My Sugar Plum loves to go out in the rain, but Meeka, well, if she really really has to... she will run out as fast as she can, do her thing and run back in. No rainy day play for her!

  51. Pip pal you are so so so abused! ;) I sure hope your Mom can carry a tune ;) Hardy Har Har

    Waggin at ya,

  52. Poor, Pip!

    Stay dry! And tell Rosie thanks for distracting the Feds!


  53. heehee poor yoo pip! Iz doo tha same when dadder maeys me go owt n do my doggie-bizniss in da rain in da garrden, meh! hehee soo unsivilised YEAH! love posie xxx

  54. hey Pip,

    Having to go out in the rain? Not cool. But you know what is cool that rain brings? Mud!!! So, keep your eyes peeled for a mud puddle and the next time they force you out into the rain, head straight for the mud! That will teach them! And, it will be fun for you! Mud rocks! BOL!


  55. Pip I am bigger than you but I don't like going out in the rain either. No worries, and slobber, Rory and Stella

  56. Singing in the Rain is mom's favorite movie! Sorry you got all wet. *hands towel*

  57. Thanks for a big laugh, Pip. I needed it today.

    As a special treat, ask your mom to pre-heat the dog towel in the dryer so you can be dried with a toasty towel!

  58. Trying to sing over the fact that she didn't even put a rain jacket on you Pip! What was that lady thinking?!
    It's so tough to find good help these days...

    the critters in The Cottage xo

  59. You need an umbrella, a umbrella holder person AND strikingly brilliant yellow golashes with buckles if they are going to expect you to be out in such weather!

    maybe it would be better if they put you in a rain coat.. or at least dried you with a nice fluffy towel when you came in... BOL

    The silvers and more

  61. Oh poor Pip! We hope you have your own fluffy towel!

  62. Poor Pip! Perhaps you should remind them that forcing you out in da rain leads to wet paws on da sofa! (that kinda thing usually gets their attention)

  63. TRAGEDY!!! It should be a crime to be made to go outside in the rain. I just refuse :)


  64. Mabel can't stand to go potty in the rain... but she loves to hike in the rain! And she rolls in the creek daily... really, I don't see the difference!


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