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Monday, July 4, 2011

Snazzy Jazzi in the FURS

Guess who I met ??? Jazzi!!! 

We were passing though Jazzi's neighborhood yesterday so we met for a quick play-date.

Jazzi is just like she is on her blog - friendly, lovely, energetic and super-fun! 

She even shared one of her world famous tacos. I was a little shy at first ...

but she insisted there was enough for both of us!

Jazzi's mom is a real sweetheart and she brought gifts for all of us - me, my mom, and my little sister. My mom will show you her beautiful, handmade gift in an upcoming post!

Thanks to Jazzi and mom for such a fun play date!

Have a safe and happy fourth of July!



Marg said...

Oh that must have been so much fun Pip to meet a fellow blogger. He is almost as cute as you are. Great pictures of the two of you.
We hope you have a wonderful Fourth of July. Take care.

House of Carnivores said...

You two look so cute together! And that taco-eating looks like it was a lot of fun!

Daisy said...

Oh Pip, you and Jazzi look like you are having so much fun together! I hope you're having a good holiday weekend.

buttersthelilyorkiepoo said...

How cool that you were able to meet another pup-friend! Looks like you enjoyed the taco and gifts from Jazzi's mom! Happy 4th!


Minna Krebs said...

OMD Pip!!!

That is so uber cool. I saw Jazzi's hints yesterday butt has NO CLUE it was you!!!

What a pawsome time. So are you gonna switch from Burgers to Tacos now, as the Pip meal of choice? BOL

Hilary said...

pip, it sure looks like you had a really good time, and that taco looks delish! Hope sweet pea is doing well..

Anonymous said...

What a great spur of the moment meet up! So nice of Jazzi to share one of her tacos with ya :) Happy 4th!

Waggin at ya,

Pibble said...

WOW! Jazzi shares her food?! That's almost, okay, COMPLETELY unheard of in this house!

It looks like you had a great time, Pip!

Frankie Furter said...

Awwwwwwww PIP... that is grrrrrreat that you and Jazzi got to meet in the furs!! AND.. she brought you pressies and a TACO?? She is soooooo sweet and generous! I can't wait to see the rest of this super story!!!

PeeS.. I will take you up on that offer to Bunk with You next year. That Sarge sounds like a Chain Saw when he snores... It was such a relief.. in MANY WAYS... when Ruby and Penny arrived and I could TRADE ROOMIES!!! I'm just sayin!!!

Finn said...

Looks like a great time! I love tacos too!!

Schnauzer Days said...

Hey Mr P! Jazzi kept us in suspenders all morning yesterday trying to guess who she was meeting - we couldn't believe it when it was you! How about that, that is sooooo cool. You are such a little sweet pea Pip and you and Jazzi look like old friends, if we met you we'd have had to play bitey face, we're not so laid back I'm afraid. Happy 4th July to you and your Peeps from over here! Dex and Lou xxx

Jazzi said...

I Loved it and it was so much fun. We did chow down on that ole taco didnt we?? You being shy gave me more BOL!! Hope to meet you some more and Happy 4th! to my really cute Mr Pip!!

wags and still drooling over your cuteness,

SAS....Sammy, Andy and Shelly said...

What fun that y'all got to meet and got along so well!!!!!!!!!!

How is Sweet Pea doing???????

Happy 4th of July, sweet friends.

Maggie Mae said...


Jazzi IS snazzi indeed! But so is you my furiend!
It is so much fun to meets our furiends in da furs!

Happy 4th my furiend!

Woofs and Licks,
Maggie Mae

Anny said...

its so nice to be able to meet up with bloggie buddies.. you and i Pip... i guess we'll never meet in them furs.. we are just too far away.

Jazzi seems like a very nice and friendly girl. She's awfully nice to share her tacos with yous.. hehhehehee

Happy 4th of July Pipster.. and to your lil girl and to momma and papa too. Stay away from them noisy fireworks ya.

woofs n licks,

jen said...

How fun that you got meet a friend!!!
Happy 4th of July!

Shawnee the Shepherd said...

I has nefur nommed a taco but I can tell by the looks of the two of you that I would ♥ it! Great funs the two of you had.

Avalon Cat Cartoons said...

Happy 4th of July, cute Mr Pip. It seems you had a very good time with your friend.

Stewey said...

Oh how cool..that must have been so much fun for all of you!
Happy Fourth of July!

Madi and Mom said...

Mr. Pip and Ms Jazzi...two of my BFFs in the same photo standing on the same spot...OMD and OMC that is just about oo much beauty and handsomenees in one picture.
Mom said you two are the first of our furiends to actually meet and we think it IS WONDERFUL!! We are so glad you liked each other and were able to share a taco. We look forward to the next post.
Big Hug
Madi and Mom

Kirby, CGC said...

Hi ya Pip!
Caught up on your blog...glad to hear Sweet Pea is doing okay, will keep her in our prayers!

Mom and I love your new blog look...very cool dude! And how cool that you got to do a play date with Jazzi!


Mack said...

How lucky you were to meet Jazzi!
I know there will be plenty of play dates ahead for you two!!!

Wyatt said...

Wow Pip! You had a taco with Jazzi, you lucky dog!! She is a great hostess!


the booker man said...

mr. pip!

holy cow, you got to meet miss jazzi and share a taco togethers!! how cool is that!!!
happy happy independence day to you and your pack!! :)

the booker man

Sagira said...

Isn't it fun to meet in the furs? We met Frankie a few weeks ago and it is always so much fun.

♥I am Holly♥ said...

That sure looks like a really fun day!! Happy 4th of July!! Lots of love, Debbie & Holly

Fuzzy Tales said...

Jazzi looks like a wonderful woofie friend to have!

Happy Independence Day to you all. We hope you have a fun and safe day!

George the Lad said...

You are so lucky to meet up with bloggie friends.
Happy 4th of July to all your family.
Have a good week
See Yea George xxx

rottrover said...

WOW Mr. Pip!! You two look so cute together!! It was nice of Jazzi to share with you and cool prezzies!! Happy 4th! Hope you have fun!

-Gizmo, Bart and Ruby

Anonymous said...

You sure do look like you both had loads of fun Pip! I am so happy for you too!

That sure was nice of Jazzi's Mom to bring all of you such nice pressies too.

Have a Happy 4th of July!

woos, Tessa

Amber-Mae said...

It is so awesome that you got to meet Miss Jazzi is person! I bet that taco was very good. Looks like Jazzi got all the best parts. TEE HEE

Happy 4th of July!

Chihuahua Girl said...

Happy 4th of July Pip! Keep safe and have fun! :-)

~ The Park Avenue Chihuahua Crew

♥♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥♥ said...

How much fun was that, Pip!!!! You two look great together.

Happy 4th of July!!!

Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

Momma Tea (also Ronnii and Uji whose open ids wont work) said...

WOWSERS It sure nuff looks likes yoo had much fun wivs Jazzi mi Pip, shoulds mee be worried ?.....BOL.

Mee is just perfectin mi hula dance n mee will meets yoo by da water to watch da sunset wivs yoo mi loverly fella

All mi lovs
PeeS. Mee is sooooo glads yoo got to meet Jazzi fur real !!!!

Benny and Lily said...

Oh my word, tacos with Jazzi!!
Happee 4th!
Benny & Lily

Suka said...

hey Mr. Pip,

What a fabulous play date! I don't know Jazzy but she sure is a beauty, and seems awfully sweet! I am not sure I would share my taco! BOL!

Love the gifts you received! What a nice mom Jazzy has. Thanks for sharing you fun photos!

Hope you and yours are having a fantastically fun Independence Day!


♥Mona + Weenie + Mommy, too♥ said...

Wow!! You got to visit with Jazzi and have a taco too!! What fun.

Happy 4th!!

{{{huggies}}}....Mona & Weenie

Bailey Be Good! said...

Stopped by to wish you a very happy and safe 4th of July!!

Woofs & hugs,

~Bailey (Yep, I'm a girl!)

Kristin G. said...

How cool! You and Jazzi look like you got along really well, even sharing a taco. Yum!! Something tells me you'll want to visit Jazzi again real soon. :)

Lorenza said...

Hi, Pip!
Sure it was super duper awesome to meet Jazzi and her family, right?
That taco looks delicious... I am sure it was!
Happy 4th of July!
Kisses and hugs

Jed and Abby in MerryLand said...

We were checking in for a Sweet Pea update, How is he? Your new blog look is very snazzy! Glad you had a nice day with Jazzi. [See how that rhymes :)]

Jed & Abby

the booker man said...

mr. pip!

thankies, dude! it's all totally because of my big sis asa! she taught me all of my spiffy hula moves, but she's too chicken to get up on stage and HULA HULA herself!!

the booker man

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Hi Pippy
You and Jazzi are too cute together.
What a nice friend to share a taco with,, and new toys,, wow,,, what a friend,
Heres some love to you and Sweet Pea and your sissy.

Tweedles -- that's me said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tucker The Crestie said...

Wow, what a fun 4th meeting up with blogosphere friends! The taco looks yummy!

Brian said...

How exciting Pip, even sharing a taco, now that's cool!

Sarge said...

Hey Pip!
Wow, that's too cool! You got to visit with Jazzi. I bet you both had a blast together. The taco sure looks yummy!
Grr and Woof,
Sarge, COP

Kari in WeHo said...

you are so lucky!


Jon Terry said...

My dear Pip, you sure are blessed that you get to meet up with Jazzi. She sure is kind and sweet and I bet she got all those lovely virtues from her mommy :)
Looking forward to see what Jazzi's mom gave your mommy ;)

Love ya,
Jon Terry

Dory and the Mama said...

Looks like you two had a blast!! Those tacos sure look nommy!!!

Dory, Jacob and Bilbo

Asta said...

What a wondewful meeting
Jazzi looks like a deew sweetie and that Taco looks delish
It just shows what a genewoos heaw Jazzi has to be willing to shawe.
I miss you deew Pip
smoochie kisses

road-dog-tales said...

Oh, Pip! We think the great outdoors suits you perfectly! How fun that you got to meet Jazzi in the fur (and that she came bearing gifts! haha). She must be super nice to share that taco with you. Yummmmm...

We're not sure where you are vacationing, but it sure is fabulous. Looks like you and Wrigley are having tons of fun!

Your photos are stupendous, BTW!

The Road Dogs

The Bleu said...

Friends... Wonderful!
Friends with TACOS... DIVINE!

with love from the Bleu

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