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Saturday, February 26, 2011


Ladies and gentlemen, fellow citizens of Blogville, distinguished dogs and cats, bunnies and donkeys – 

I am honored to be here today to accept this prestigious award (Award? What award? Psst Pip, there is no award). 

It was only a short while ago that I spent my days on the couch, watching daytime television, eating more sandwiches then I care to admit. Deep down, I knew there must be more to life than peanut butter and watching fights on The View …

(Pauses for bite of sandwich)

... finally after some good old-fashioned soul-searching and years of watching Oprah (pre Michael Vick), I decided it was time to take the leap off the couch and get back in "the game". Well, I was never actually in “the game”, but you catch my drift, right?

 Mayzie: Wake me when he stops talking! Oh no, did I say that loud?

Madi: Yeah, yeah, I have heard this all before.

Bunny: I thought we were SHARING the spotlight!

One hour later

 ...because it is not how you look, it is how you feel. Superheroes come in all shapes and sizes.  Be brave, stand tall. Look fear in the eye or in my case, the kneecap. Bawhahahaha! 

 Neeko: Make him stop, please!

Sammy and Andy: I had the most horrid dream - we were surrounded by talking dogs!

Brudder Ranger: Wait a minute - am I on candid camera? MAYZIE!

Another hour later ...

Always do the right thing. Nice dogs don't always finish first, but they finish happy. Keep your head up (this is especially true for my small dog brothers and sisters). And remember, when life gives you lemons, eat ice cream.

Puddles: Somebody needs to stuff a cheeseburger in his mouth.

Alien: This may look like an ordinary brassiere, but it is actually an intergalactic space tranquilizer. Shall I give him a zap?

Rosie: If you don't, I will.

Now, many of you inquired about my recent post about stealing an entire pizza off the coffee table. My friends, it is true. The pizza was left unattended - and I seized the moment without hesitation. I grabbed that pizza and ran like the wind, swallowing whole pieces as I crossed the living room and then the dining room. I knew I would eventually be caught (and scolded), but I savored every morsel ...and I would do it again!

Blueberry: Did someone say something about pizza?

Wonderful, my first question from the audience ...
We love you, Pip, but the show is over ...

Please don't forget to buy raffle tickets and visit our fabulous auction. All funds raised will help cover vet costs for our pal, Richie! 



  1. Wonderful speech Pip! Mom and I are still cracking up over the alien in the intergalactic space tranquilizer!!!!


    Is you done nows? Okays dat was a nice, sentimental speech and alls but a little long winded...I has been heres fur hours withs no drink and I is ready to dance (if I ain't too tired nows). I has on my dancin' shoes...hehehe!
    Wakey wakey everybuddy!

    Hehehehehe...Oprah cracks me up withs da prisoner.


  3. PiP,

    A most **yawn** excellent speech fur **yawn** sure! Now can we gets da pawty started? :) WooHoo!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  4. Wonderful speech pip!!! The tranquilizer made me lolz

    those aliens are very sneaky aren't they!?

  5. BOL! Funny post & great speech, Pip!

  6. OMCs and OMDs that was an incredibly long speech for such a tiny fellow. MOL Pip you my friend have staying power....that being said


    Hugs Madi

  7. YAAAAAWWWWWNNNN...oh, I"m sorry. I musta dozed off there for a teeny little second. I did NOT doze off for your entire speech. I promise. Nope.

    Did you say something about pizza? Where is it? I'm STARVING!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  8. PIP! Excellent speech! I don't know what is wrong with your friends... I think it was perfect!

  9. Bravo, bravo Mr. Pip, do it all again please!!!

  10. my first speech ever by a talking dog and i enjoyed every moment. at first i thought you lived in a zoo and all those pets in your post were your siblings, then i went to about YOU and see these must be friends. great speech and loved all the photos..

  11. Mmmm. I just had the best dream about pizza.

  12. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    Pizza? Oh, um, applaws, applaws, loverly speech.

  13. Wow, Pip, we didn't know you knew so many words. You could run for President with a speech like that! You did get our attention with the part about pizza, though. Be sure to insert that in more of your speeches.

    The Road Dogs

  14. Super Duper****YAWN**** speech PIP. What was that about NO AWARD???? HECK you got a GOLD KEY to BLOGVILLE!! What more could any Dawg or Cat ask fur... AND... Puddles got OPRAH to come... JUST***YAWN** YOU!!!

    Buddy you are a STAR!!!

  15. Hi There Pip!

    Just joined the fun thanks to Remington, who missed his ride!

    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  16. We don't understand a wag of what you are muttering, but we would like to join the partay, kay?
    Jon Farleigh and Dewi, a couple of Corgi Hunks

  17. Pip, you have some amazing lung power, and a great ability to give a long speech! They need to hire you for those filibusters they're always talking about with those politicians. You're a one of a kind and I'm glad you're my friend!


  18. I enjoyed your speech Pip and I didn't take any naps while you were talking.

  19. Great speech, Pip!! Time to pawty now, right??


  20. What a cute post, darlin' Pip. You knows we luvsya!!!!!!!!! Thank you for allowing us to appear in your post today....we really don't mind having dogs around us talking.....:)

  21. Hey Pip!
    Wow, great speech. I agree with everything you said and I even caught most of it. Hard to hear back here in the band with my drumming going on!! I may have permanent hearing loss...what???
    Anyway, you're always a star with us and we knew you'd be a winner in the race one way or the other!
    Big cymbal crash coming for you!!
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  22. Bravo, Pip - now about that pizza - tell us your trick, we would love to try that out here too. See you at the party:)

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  23. Pip
    I think you are grossly misunderstood~~I thought it was a great speech although we did crack up with Puddles wanting to stuff your mouth with a Cheeseburger!! ROFB


  24. Pip, your heart is as big as your whole body. OK. We're going back to sleep now.

    -Gzmo, Bart and Ruby

  25. Pippppp, buddddyyy, I love the motivation speech. I don't know why they all fell asleep *yawwwns*. Oops, hehe, I didn't sleep I was practicing some chords on my guitar - got a solo up just fur you!


  26. Great speech Pip, now I must go for a sleep ;)
    See Yea George xxx

  27. Are you done yet, Pip? Who knew you were so full of it?...Pizza, that is..BOL


  28. ****** raising paw fur permission to speak *****

    Great speech Pip! Butt, can I take a potty break before you continue?????

  29. Pip,ummm, Pip
    May we pleez have a potty bweak..I just can't hold it fow this many houws, heheheh
    Gweat speech!!!
    now let's all go and dance and EAT!
    smoochie kisses

  30. Sorry, Buddy. The ladies made me do it.

    Now where did Oprah go. That woman sure moves fast. She should have been in the race!


  31. Snzzzzz, huh? Oh, yes, Bravo, Pip, well done. Now lets pawty!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  32. *Takes sip of champagne*

    Yes, Rosie. My mother's jewelry suits you.

  33. Pip is you still out of it from Oprah's appearance?
    Dis champain tickles goin' down...hehehehe
    I likes to gurgle it.


  34. ***** whispering so the speaker cannot hear*****

    Is he STILL talking?!?!?!?! sigh

  35. Oh, silver-tongued Pip. How I enjoyed this post! The reactions of each of your anipals in turn were priceless. You succeeded in elevating everyday windbags to a level of distinction!

    I'll be checking out the raffle, too.


  36. I feel sleepy, very very sleepy. Gosh, I feel like I could drift away ...Alien, is that you?

  37. Wonderful speech Pip!! About that pizza.....we don't blame you at all!! Lots of love Holly and mom

  38. is Minna here yet with that bar-b-que??

  39. Oh Pip, Alien is off lookin' furs Oprah. He wants hers to be da quenn...hehehehe!

    Make sures Bono don't escape, Ihas to return him to my mum.

    I likes dis bubbly drink...alots!

  40. I must be drunk cuz I misspelled queen...hahahaha!

    Ummmm okays...I actually hadn't thoughts bouts Aien's ploy but Alien would nevers do dat to you....Cuzzin Freddy would but Not Alien


  41. Uh, Pip...maybe you needs to slow down on da beer...dat is soooo NOT Evil Freddy dressed up like Alien.
    Ummmmm, at least I don't think so...then again...OMD, don't makes me think so head could burst.


  42. Hahahaha! I was laughing from the very first line. Then I started guffawing when you got to the award.

    At least you gave everyone a chance for a nap before the dancing started!

    You are a champion, Pip! But, Bunny is too! Shouldn't a generous champion like yourself at least mention your opponent?

    Still laughing...

  43. You knows what we needs?
    A dart board....we could play a game of darts!!!!

    Okay scratch dat idea...prolly not a good thing to do withs a bunch of drunk dogs.

    Ooooooh, theres Oprah...come on, lets go talk to hers.


  44. Dats was a very good speech Pip, some people were snorin a bit too louds fur mi likin tho not mentionin any names tho ( Puddles, Ranger & Neeko..............mwahahahaha ). What on earth is Alien wearin ? It does suit hims tho oddly enuff.
    C'mon now let get a boogie feets on

  45. Unlike Bunny, I won't lose the race for Oprah because of friendship.

    May the better man win, Pip. May the better man win!

    Blast! Now where did she get to now.

  46. ummmm...Alien was wanting to knows why you was pulling on his furs...heheheehe...trying to figures out if it was really him.

    I needs some more of dis bubbly's fun !


  47. Has campaign season already started for Blogville's next elections? That was some speech. Need to work on the 5 second sound bites for the campaign ads, though, Mr. Pip, sir.

    This is quite an elegant setting for the Banquet. Is Puddles swinging from the chandelier yet? We'll be ok as long as Mango and Thor and El'bow don't take it into their heads to take a chandelier ride. Or Remington, Tucker, Guinness, Honey, Darwin - all you large sized doggies, step away from the chandelier. You must be THIS SMALL [pointing to Miss Ronii] to ride the chandelier.

    We're off to check out the foodables. Want to be sure we sample one of absolutely everything! And just listen to that orchestra accompanying Madi playing her piano concerto! That girl can play!

    Abby, stop stalking the star pianist.

    Jed & Abby

  48. Here, here! For he's a jolly good fellow! Great speech, Pip. Blog Mom says it reminds her of Bill Clinton's speech at the Democratic convention in 1988, in terms of quantity, at least. She can't remember what Mr. Clinton actually said in that speech so much as the fact that he said a lot of it. That was a long speech. Some said too long, but he wound up getting elected president 4 years later. Yours was even longer, so I figure you could wind up being King or Emperor or something like that. And you both like cheeseburgers. You're like the same person in some ways. Not in some others, I'm sure.

  49. Oh lawd help me, I hope hers ain't takin' my mum's pet. I must go find Lilac nows...and I needs to borrow some money.

    Oh Alien has da hots fur Oprah...I thinks he is stalkin' hers...hehehe! Alien THINK he is a dog so no worries

  50. wow, mr. pip, that was sure a big 'n hooge inspirational! it was so good that i could still hear you in my dreams! bwuahahaha! i kid! congrats to you, dude!! now let's pawty like it's 1999!!

    the booker man

  51. Oh, did I hear clapping (or were does sighs of relief)? Is da speech over? Can I wakes up now? Where is da tacos?

  52. I loved your speech, Pip!
    And then the story of the pizza... pawesome!
    Kisses and hugs

  53. Umm.. I just got here. Missed the speech. Could you do that just one more time, Pip? Gracie.

  54. *Spills glass of champagne as Pip pushes him into the coat room*

    What in the universe is going on now?


  55. LOL, Pip. Man, you are one long-winded dogger! Your friends all look exhausted from listening to you. ;)

    I hope you enjoyed your pizza. I hope you enjoyed your slices...mmmmmmmm!!

  56. Ooops. I repeated myself in that last comment. I was too busy day-dreaming about pizza!!

  57. I think we meant DRINK. Mama is having a hard time typing this for us becauz Lily's head is on her arm!!!

  58. Great, awesome, well done!
    Benny & Lily

  59. Pip
    I heard every zzzzzzzz
    Congrats and did someone say pawtee?

  60. Bwhahahahaha...Lilac pooped in da wrong shoe...I swears, you can't take them girls anywheres. They pretend to be all proper like but we knows da truth.


  61. Wow my sweet Friend!
    Pawsome speech!!! now that you are done, I can tell you that I was not sleeping, I was just meditating and holding on to every single word you were saying(in my dreams) :o)))
    BTW you look very spiffy :o)
    Did I hear Puddles brought beer? Oh boy... Hope my Mommy is not watching Meee drink it... Hic, hic... burp!
    I'll be back in a flash...
    Neeko :o)
    P.S. Hic, hic,... Rosie is funnyyyyyyyy :o))) Hic..

  62. That was an excellent speech, Pip! My boys and I stayed awake for every single second.

    My dogs would totally run off with a whole pizza if they had the opportunity.

  63. Sammy and Andy's comment cracked me up. You really know how to give a speech, Pip! It was the speech that kept on giving!! I hope you enjoyed that pizza, and it was worth the scolding. :)


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