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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Story of Me: My Journey from Abandoned Dog to Superhero

I am proud and excited to participate in Minna Krebb's "The Story of Me". Happy Day Before Thanksgiving Friends!

The Sad Part

My story started like millions of other abandoned dogs and cats in the United States. Nine years ago, I was thrown away like trash, frightened, hungry, and filthy. Witnesses say my former person walked away laughing.

However, I was one of the lucky few, rescued by a no-kill shelter and sent almost immediately to a foster home (with my mom). I hid for months, avoiding eye contact and cowering when anyone approached me. The only time I looked up was when one of the kitties peaked around the corner of the couch to check on me. I know lots of dogs don’t like cats, but my feline siblings helped bring me back from a very dark place. (Rosie wasn’t around back then but she is OK, too).

Tommy, Tutu, and Sweet Pea. RIP Tommy and Tutu

The Happy Part

It took a long time – years of self-reflection, doggie treats, and reassurance from my feline siblings – but eventually I emerged from behind the couch and joined the family!

Before: The world is a mean, scary place.

After: I am as happy as a clam. Ain't life grand!

Life Lessons by Mr. Pip 
  1. Keep smiling. When life gives you lemons, eat ice cream.
  2. Be brave, stand tall. Look fear in the eye (or in my case, the kneecap)
  3. Do the right thing. Nice dogs don’t always finish first, but they finish happy.
  4. Leap off the couch and the net will appear. Well-positioned pillows are a dog’s best friend.
  5. Never give up – except when stairs are involved then all bets are off.
  6. Most importantly, be yourself. Superheroes come in all shapes and sizes. It is not how you look, it is how you feel, baby!
Stay Tuned for my new book ...

The Lap Dog Manifesto: How to Reinvent Yourself Without Leaving the Couch



Anny said...

sometimes... kitteh cats are great too ya... thanks to them... you are now confident, happy, loved and so loved. Thanks for sharing your story with us :)

Anny said...

Happy THanksgiving Pip... and all Kristin.. and all kitteh cats.. and Curly hair daddy.. and hooman kiddy too!

Shawnee the Shepherd said...

Oh Pip, I so want to put the bitey on mean peeples wot duss that to us dogs. And they laffed? GRRRRRRR! But my mom say we has to beleef that wot goes around comes around. Nursing homes is full of lonely peeples wot nobody comes to visit. Did they teach their childruns by exampull that when something becomes "inconvenient" you just dump it and furget about it? Something to chew on... Happy Thanksgiving to you!

A MilShelb Mom said...

We loved the story of you. Very touching. We're so glad your life has turned out well!
~Milly and Shelby

Brian said...

I am so proud of the kitties for helping you and I am so happy you were rescued! You really are a hero Pip!

3 doxies said...

My dear Pip,
I has read your story befores and it always kinda brings tears to my eyes...not just because you was abandoneded but, because you found a home fulls of love and security. Though your story is sad it is beautiful and full of hope dat you was not lost in da statistics!
Thank you to your family...and da kittehs fur all they has done fur you!


Levi Mac said...

Oh Pip! I hadn't heard your stories before and am so glad I got to read it! It never makes sense a world wif bad peoples like that but luckily me thinks there are more good then those bad and you found a good. It was so lucky to have some furiends to be comforted by in a skeery time. You are pawsome and glad you found the bestest home!

Corbin said...

Oh Pip, I could never hear enough of your story. Makes me happy that you were one of the lucky ones. And I think you were the one who threw those fools out... you didn't need them and the horrible things they probably did to you. Everything happens for a reason, and your reason was to be with your REAL family. Love ya Pip! Ya know... in that brotherly way :-)

Bocci said...

Oh Pip, what a wonderful story! And I love the title of your new book!

Again, I hope we can include your beautiful story of redemption in our book:-)!

Your buddy,

Daisy said...

Pip, I'm glad the story of you has such a great ending. Sometimes it takes a while to get to your REAL forever home! Happy Thanksgiving to you!

♥I am Holly♥ said...

Pip, what a wonderful story with a beautiful ending!! We are so glad you were rescued and got the kitties help in your furever home! Just look how far you have come!! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! Lots of love, Holly and mom

Frankie Furter said...

Oh PIP... now this is what I talkin' bout!!! This is JUST Eggs Actly the kinda story we need to see and read on THANKSGIVING. THANK YOU Buddy fur being willing to tell it to us. You are the bestest of the bestest.
OMD OMD.. you and I REALLY do have a lot to be Thankful fur. Love your LIST. Nice additional touch!!!!
Don't furget to tell Minna K that you have your Story up... you might win the Hooooge Drawing give away!!!!

Remington said...

I am happy you have found the best home EVER! Happy Thanksgiving, my friend....

Sebastian said...

Wonderful tips! Thanks for sharing your sad-to-happy story with us!

24 Paws of Love said...

Wonderful story Pip. Thank goodness for cat, eh? Shhh, don't tell anyone we said that. Love your philosphies about life, especially eating ice cream than lemons. Geezh, who would eat those?? Thank goodness, you are now loved and taken care of. The End.

Rene said...

Great life lessons. Have a great Thanksgiving.

Yoda & Brutus said...

What a great post Pip!! Kitties aren't too bad are they. We are glad that they helped you along the way and show you that everyone isn't horrible like your previous owner!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Pugs & Kisses,

Yoda & Brutus

jen said...

I loved reading your story Pip!
Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving:)

Ettel, Charlie Poodle, and Emma Pitty said...

Aw Pip that was such a sweet story. My crew's got their share of sad stories too. You and your mom are so lucky to have found each other. And may I say - you really clean up well!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Pip pal :) Perhaps your next story is "The Day Pip Came To Town" ScyFy thriller of course ;)

Waggin at ya my furiend,

PeeS: Will definitely tune in Saturday which according to your message will actually be tomorrow which would then be Thursday minus 2 days which would be Tuesday??? This time travel thing is really tricky! Anywho, I'll tune in on the day I think is Saturday and go from there ;)

Tucker said...

Oh, Pip! What a terrible beginning of your story ... but such a happy ending, which you richly deserve. My own story is similar ... and as sad as it was that I was abandoned, Mom is so thankful that SOMEONE didn't know what a great dog I was, because to her I am the best dog in the entire world. It's great to be loved!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Your pal,


The Sprollies 'n' Border Collies said...

Happy thanksgiving, Pip!

K-9 Katastrophe said...

Awww Pip! You sure were a shaggy little guy! Thanks for the life lessons!


Lola said...

Pip, it's so hard to imagine what kind of monster would do that to you. You and your family are so lucky, though, that you came together. And you were most fortunate in the kitties in your life, too. I'm so glad you've had a happy life after that terrible part. You certainly deserve it.

lotsa licks, Lola and Franklin

Feral Female said...

Happy Thanksgiving Pip!

Pepsi Bum said...

I can't imagine anyone who would want to abandon you!

Thank the big dawgs above for bringing your Mom to you though! I'm glad you got a happily ever after!


Alien said...

I am so thankful to have you as a friend.


Asta said...

Dawling Pip
I would love to meet that wotten hooman who was cwueal and stoopid and thwew you away..he would not come out smiling that's fow suwe..I'm gwateful that you found a loving home wif thoughtful and kind kitties siblings and hoomans who knew youw twowoo wowf and had the patience to let you leawn to love again..I love being youw fwiend and heawing of how you became a soopewhewo
smoochie kisses

Minna Krebs said...


Your story is so inspiring! It is definitely da Evolution of a SuperHero!!!
(I bet you were secretly watching Oprah during those early years behind da couch)

I am going to copy down your Life Lessons and post them near my a reminder that even us little dogs can LIVE LARGE!

I hope you and your family haves a wonder Thanksgiving Holiday!!

Your furrend,

PeeS......I am anxiously awaiting the release of your new book! Any idea of the release date?

Miley said...

Oh Pippy Wippy (can I call you that? Please excuse me if not).
I can't believe how mean humans can be, I'm so glad you found the right family and are as happy as a clam.

Oscar, has had four owners before us. Though wasn't really abandoned, his former owner died, and he was passed down to a human you couldn't care for him, so she gave him to us knowing he will be in good paws. When we got him he would bite us, was scared silly when you went to touch him and was very, badly trained (still needs work on the last one though). Now, he runs for hugs, never bites.. but still doesn't listen when you say "sit".

I love reading stories such as yours and adore the happy endings. Have a lovely life Pip!

Cuddles & licks,
Love Miley xxx

Mollie Jo and Bobo said...

We wish you a Happy Thanks giving and hope its one filled with furiends, family and lotsa turkey!!!

Wags and Licks,
Mollie Jo & Bobo

houndstooth said...

Pip, your story is a true inspiration! I always love your advice, even when it comes from,*cough* Oprah! You had it inside you all along, and you found the perfect family to help you let it shine.


Tweedles -- that's me said...

Your story reached into my heart strings and pulled. What a beautiful inspirational story.. to read over and over.
Thank you for sharing your life lessons, and I cannot wait for your new book!

Heartprints Pets said...

Awww, Pip, you have an incredible story. You're a brave, inspiring pup. I can't wait for your book!! Happy Thanksgiving!

Bruce said...

I am so happy to hear that your story has a happy ending Pip. You are one of the lucky ones.
your cat pal,

Father Tom said...

Pip, Not finishing first, but finishing happy is my favorite of all your advices.. Thanks for being our friend and Happy Thanksgiving to you!


KB said...

What a sad and then wonderful story Pip. I cannot imagine anyone throwing you away. I'm so glad that you found a patient and loving human. You're such a special dog. I also love your rules to live by. I'm going to try to follow them. Happy Thanksgiving!

Pup Fan said...

Thanks for sharing your story Pip - so happy you found a wonderful home, and can't wait to read your manifesto. ;)

Happy Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

Ohh Dear Sweet Pips how anione could walks away from yoo makes no sense too mee, mee wood neva walks away from yoo not evver, no way, no how ! Mee fanks goodness yor Moms came alongs, Me shall say fanks to da great Sirius fur yor Moms being so luvverly.n kind. Mee finks yor family bee lucky to havs yoo as well as yoo havin dem.

Mi Moms wood likes to move too but houses here arr not selling well overs here eivver ( she would lose about £87 squillion green papers ifs she sold now ).
Mee hopes itz all works out well fur you all .
Big Lovs
x x x x

Anonymous said...

Oh, Pip. I just luvs your story so much. I never, ever get tired of reading about it. You are so very much brave and strong and I think your mom must be Most Patient and filled up with luvs to give you the time and space that you needed to start trusting and luving again after all you'd been through. My mom says that sometimes she gets sad thinking about all the meanness in the world. But then she reads a story like yours and thinks abouts peoples like your mom and it makes her believe all over again.

I hopes you had a Most Happy and Wonderful Thanksgiving, my furend!

Wiggles & Wags,

sprinkles said...

Your story makes me want to cry. I just don't get some people, Mr. Pip! I'm so glad you no longer have to deal with your former owner and that you had/have a happy ending!

Your life lessons are excellent. We humans could learn a lot from the canine species.

I hope you and your family had a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Sarge said...

Hey Pip!
What a huge hearted hero inpiration you are!! Love your story...the sad part makes the happy part even sweeter. Every human should have to read your story before getting a doggie, then they'd think before doing something awful. Anyway, you ended up in the perfect place and I think your list of things is just wonderful. I'm soooo glad you shared and I'm glad you're my pal.
Grr and Woof,

road-dog-tales said...

Pip - We're so HAPPY you got the forever home you deserve and have put the badness behind you. We don't know much about kittehs, but we're glad they helped you become the PIP you are today! Look forward to reading your new book!

The Road Dogs

kalon said...

How anyone could be so mean to such a sweet little pup is beyond me. I'm so pleased that you found a good home with special furiends and a mom who loves you. You're a very special fella Pip, I hope to read about your adventures for many years to come, keep that little tail wagging.
Big belly rubs.

steve said...

well said, mr pip. well said

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