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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Dear Ruby and Penny

Please accept my sincere apologies for leading Frankie astray. He is innocent of all charges, a mere victim of circumstance.

Here’s what happened …

After the game, we were feeling good and ready to take Chi-Town by storm. It was a warm night so I suggested we walk to the beach. Many of the boys are from out of town and had never seen the lake or skyline. I was so excited to share my hometown with my friends, but then we encountered this …

Ladies, it was a slap in the face. I have had other runs in with these discriminatory signs and enough was enough.

We ought to rip that sign down, shouted Wyatt

They can’t keep us out, cried Booker Man.

Let’s pee on it, suggested Sarge.

It’s too high, sighed Thunder and Phantom.

Let’s not get crazy, reasoned Frankie. Why go where we are not wanted?

But then Alien pulled out his inter-galactic, neo-space paint and there was no going back …

The other dogs cheered me on.  All, but Frankie – who kept saying he smelled trouble like 87 times.

Here’s my masterpiece.  Please excuse the profanity, but I was caught up in the heat of the moment.

Just as I finished, I had an itch so I handed Frankie the paint. But then we heard the sirens and saw the flashing lights.  I tried to grab the paint back from Frankie, but he froze like a deer in headlights.

The other dogs took off. Roo yelled something about the bunnies and George followed him.  

Dear Phantom wanted to stay with us, but I begged him to save himself. 

Sarge remained, but went unnoticed under the lampshade.

Anakin was passed out and was arrested by default. 

Being from outer space, Alien is not subject to our laws. He tried his star wars best to scare the cops away, but it was no use – this is Chicago and they have seen everything!

This is the story, ladies. Frankie is innocent. And as for me, I took a stand and was taken down by da man.

And now dear friends, we will await our rescue - I think I hear Josie and Alien landing their spaceship on the roof and if I am not mistaken, I smell the magic sleeping gas concocted by Molly and her mom. Oh look, here comes Puddles and Maggie Mae with their mission impossible spy cake.  Cheers to good friends!


  1. Ha. We knew there was a logical explanation! But, we really can't believe you, sweet and innocent Pip, started all this trouble! Way to go Pip!
    The Road Dogs

  2. I wants to try some of da cake, I'm hoping it is squirrel flavored. Oh and I broughts my kool-aid just in cases we might need it.
    OMG....Alien has on a BRA...Bwhahahahaha! Hang on, I gotts go find a baffroom.....

    Whew! Dat was a close one.
    I check back shortly to see what be going on.
    I hopes Ruby and Penny buys dis story.


  3. Oh My Dog.....too funny! Being from Chicago this just hit the spot.

  4. Oh, I meant to day say dat da funniest thing bouts dis whole situation is dat everbuddy was scared bouts me and Mayzie hosting a pawty and then ya'll goes and gets put in da clink clink and we still smooth sailing...hahahaha!


  5. At least nobody got arrested at our party! Pip, I had no idea you had such a rebel inside you!


  6. Psst Pip,

    Heres da cakes I bakes for youz (Puddles, it is squirrel flavored, with a peanut butter frosting)...'cuze me a minutes..."Oh no officer that is not a file in the cakes it is a looong piece of beef jerkeys, yeah that's it, my furiends favorite snackie"..."Ok's thanks I will ask dems to save you a piece of the cakes"

    OK Pip it is up to youz now, wakes up Anakin, grab Frankie and make your move. Good Luck! We will be waiting on the outside of da jail. Look for the Harley with da side car, I borrowed it from dad!

    Woofs and LIcks,
    Maggie Mae

  7. So, The Chicago Three was arrested for grafitti? You know, if this were 1969 and you were human you might have gotten out of the draft for that crime and then you could have written a song about it that would get radio airplay one day a year forever and ever...

    You can get anything you want at Frakie's bachelor pawty...
    Exceptin' Frankie...

    OK, we might have to work on this a bit. Maybe you should write a book about life behind bars. We need to get you on Oprah and get an agent quick before it's old news!

    lotsa licks, Lola

  8. Just leave me here. My life is over. My girrrls hate me now. Sob Sob Save PIP and Anakin!!! Sob Sob my girrrls and I have never ever had a cross word until.... I messed up. I am at total fault. I'm Doomed Sob Sob Sob

  9. Hmm. I didn't realize my inter-galactic, neo-space paint would cause so much damage. Don't worry. We will bust you out of there.

    And don't act so surprised to see me in a bra, Puddles. You threw it at me when I was dancing with Norwood!

  10. Frankie, I am not leaving you here. Now, grab my paw and let's climb up into this space ship and eat some squirrel cake. This may be our last chance as the Molly's sleeping gas is starting to get to me.

  11. Cooooooome boys on you can do it!


  12. Mmmmmm....squirrel cake...

    Oh, right. Would it help if I cheered you on?

    You can do it!
    Yes, you can!
    If you can't do it,
    No one can!

    Gooooooooo, Chicago THREE!

    And the crowd goes wild!

    Oops...I spilled my margarita. Seriouslys, are you SURE the pawty's over?

    Wiggles & Wags,

    PeeS. Frankie, I thinks this will make the grrrrrls luvs you more. Every girl likes her mandog to have a bit of the bad boy in him.

  13. Me don't know where me Sweetie Pie's is.. Me's sad.. butt I must have some cake fur some strengths to climb aboards 'da space ships!!

    Frankie... it will be's okays...

  14. Mr. Pip.
    We might be more inclined to believe this bologna if you save us some of that squirrel cake. A big hunk of bologna might be good too.
    Still angry
    Ruby & Penny

  15. I am on my way with squirrel cake and bologna right now - flying high speed on Alien's spaceship. Frankie's so depressed he won't even eat his squirrel cake.

  16. Yep. Lots and lots of bologna. My spaceship stinks to high heaven!

    And who brought the keg?

  17. Dude. I'm not talking to mom for the rest of the weekend. I can't believe she didn't book my plane ticket in time! I missed out on ALL the good times... trouble is right up my alley, too!

  18. Sorry.. I got a little distracted. Squirrel cake?!? Oh mys. I goes back to read the post again. Something about being in the slammer?

    Oh dears...


  19. Oh dats was ME dat broughts da keg...hehehe...wheres my cup? Oh okays, thanks whoever you is.
    I just sent a message to Ruby and Penny dat Frankie be sending them some bologna.
    Hey Alein, can I drives da space mobile? Can I try on your bra too?


  20. Thanks for getting us that bologna so fast. We feel so much better about the whole situation after a good pig out on processed meat. We are on one bologna sized emotional eating high.
    Feeling great
    Ruby & Penny

  21. Slikoh here - Yep, that story soundz 'bout rite tu me. That'z the story an'I'm stikin'tu it.

  22. Ummmmm Girrrrls... you do remember that my Middle name is OSCAR... don't you. As in Oscar Myer the KING of Bologna!!!
    PLLLLLEEEEESSSEEEEE Girrrls Forgive me. Take me Back... Please

  23. Goooo Alien! Save my paw pals!

    We really need you dude.

  24. Now you are going to have a record! Is vandalism and public drunkenness a felony or a misdemeanor?? You might want to get a good lawyer!


  25. Thanks for the explanation.
    Sure it was an interesting episode!
    Kisses and hugs

  26. Hi Pip just got back to the UK. Sorry I left yea, I've just got tunnel vision when it comes to bunnys, you know how it is! keep us posted on any news about Frankie!! If the wedding don't go ahead I can get a refund on me flight.
    Thanks to all the lads for a great weekend and hopefully I'll be back of the wedding.
    See Yea George jet lagged and tired xxx

  27. I've tagged you for an award!

  28. what!!! no dog alowd
    we pee on that

    El'bow & Hauwii

  29. You sure are a rebel Pip! We love it!!

    Lu-Lu & Lucius

  30. Mr Pip it appears you fellas might need bail money...if so please quietly give me a call...I say quietly because I have a major headache.
    I was the only Cat at the bachelorette party so I was constantly have to prove my worth to all the K9.

  31. You sure know how to get into trouble!

    This is the funniest thing I've read in ages. Hope you get out ok.

  32. What actually happened?I don't get it. Eco (I'm only 16 weeks)


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