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Friday, April 21, 2017

Fur-Busting Tips For Multi-Pet Homes

Ruby doesn't shed, but occasionally likes to pretend she's invisible
Ruby doesn't shed but she likes to help by sometimes pretending she's invisible
We are a multi-species household (AKA Furry Vortex): two cats, a dog, and a rabbit - all rescues, all  extremely furry. At home, I'm totally OK being covered in fur. I call it the "well-loved" look and wouldn't have it any other way. Quite simply, fur happens. But alas, sometimes I must leave the house and participate in real world activities and I need to be fur free. Here are my favorite tips for keeping your clothing fur free (almost) while living in a multi-pet household. You can read additional fur-busting tips and hacks here.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Full Moon Training Treats - What's Not To Love?

Ruby has never liked water - not the drinking kind, but the swimming and bathing kind. Although we knew that she would probably never be a dog that leapt into the waves, we always hoped that she would eventually grow more comfortable with the beach and water in general. We tried many things to change her mind, but hadn't had much luck ...until about two weeks ago when we tried Full Moon Training Treats

Ruby loves Full Moon's new bite-size, all natural Training Treats.


Monday, April 10, 2017

Six BIG Life Lessons From A Late Bloomer

I turned 50 yesterday. No idea how this happened, but here we are. 

I am a late bloomer, some might say a very late bloomer. Although things have gone pretty well the last few years, this has not always been the case. Because of some early setbacks, mistakes as well as basic bad luck, I put my dreams and goals on the back burner (for like 20 years) and settled into a routine that didn't leave much room for anything extra. My husband was living and working his dream and I thought his success was enough for me. But a few years ago, I realized it wasn't. 

One of the big change moments for me was when Pip passed away in 2013. I was completely shattered by this loss and essentially faced two choices - fall into a deep depression or channel the pain into something positive. Somehow I found the strength to choose the latter. I recommitted to writing (one of the dreams I thought long gone) with a focus on changing the perception of rescue animals especially those with special needs or considered less adoptable. This seemed like a perfect way to honor Pip and myself at the same time. 

Late bloomers and underdogs are super awesome
Pip, my forever inspiration


Monday, April 3, 2017

Dial-A-Distance Dog Leash By ThunderShirt

Ruby tries ThunderShirt's Dial-A-Distance Dog Leash

We have always used a standard leash with Ruby. She loves walks, but is sometimes hesitant and occasionally reactive. I continue to work on her confidence by encouraging her to branch out safely on her own. And by branch out, I mean walk in front of us rather than staying glued to our sides.

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